Tropische planten

Tropical plants

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      Plantique particularly focuses on tropical house plants. These green friends are an asset to any interior!

      Tropical plants can be found not only in the jungle or terrariums, but can also be kept comfortable with the right care. This way you bring the holiday home and create a beautiful, green oasis in the room.

      These beautiful plants originally occur in tropical rainforests and are naturally used to get a lot of warmth. They thrive on a tropical climate that is relatively warm and humid. Did you know that the temperature in a tropical rainforest never gets under 16 ° C? During the day it is even an average of 29 ° C.

      The rainforest is one of the most rich and oldest types of ecosystems in the world. It will therefore not be surprised that the most beautiful plants originate in rainforests. They grow naturally in dense vegetation and at a reasonably constant temperature with almost continuous clouds. This ensures that the bright sun is stopped and the heat hardly escapes. They also often grow under large trees and other large plants, spreading the light through dense plant growth. That is why there are also few tropical plants that can tolerate bright and direct sunlight.

      On the bottom, where the plants are naturally in, the fertile layer is very thin. Organic waste is converted into nutrients very quickly by insects, fungi and bacteria and then immediately absorbed by the trees and plants. Because there is no cold season in the rainforest, nutrients are recorded throughout the year.

      To make a tropical plant flourish as well as possible, it is important to simulate the natural climate of the plant as much as possible. Then the plant will be able to achieve its optimum growth and retain its health.

      Not all plants from the tropical rain forests have been discovered. Every moment new undiscovered unique specimens can come up. The range of tropical plants on Plantique therefore regularly changes!