Calathea planten

Paphiopedilum rare orchid USA
Tamiami international orchid show (Miami, USA)
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13, 14 & 15 January 2023
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      The Calathea is a family of the Marantaceae and often has unique stripes and shapes. The leaves of these plants react especially on light just like many flowers in the garden and are therefore aware of or the day or night! When closing and opening the leaves, a sound can be heard and is possible through a kind of joint that is between the leaf and the trunk of the Calathea. Special right?

      This "Prayer Plant" provides nature for attracting all kinds of animal species, because the leaves hold a puddle with water. This use animals as a source of water. They are in the wild a major addition to nature by forming a habitat for invertebrates!

      With these plants you get into the tropical forests, because they are originally from moist forests in South America. Are you also going on holiday between these beautiful ornate house plants?