Verzorging van kamerplanten in het najaar

Care of house plants in the fall

The winter season is coming! This means, in addition to nice holidays, colder outside temperatures, fewer hours of sunshine per day and more frequent use of the heating. Besides the beauty of this season, it is a challenge for plant lovers to keep their plants in good condition. Therefore, we have some tips for your beautiful, special green friend in these cooler months.

Plant nutrition
First of all, we recommend that you fertilise less frequently, because plants grow little or not at all during this period. An excess of fertiliser can in fact be very bad for a plant. Philodendrons, for example, are best not given any plant food in the winter. Moreover, the roots of plants do not grow much during this period, so it is best to wait until spring before potting them up. This way, you can prevent damage to your plant through "too much care".

Watering and spraying
Secondly, the dosage of watering is different during the winter months than in summer. Due to the cooler temperature, less water will be needed during these months. After all, the plant uses less water during the rest period. The soil of a Philodendron may therefore feel a little drier in the winter than in the summer. It is best to stay away from tap water all year round and use mainly clean water or rainwater to look after your plants. Fogging leaves or a humidifier can also help to increase humidity when the air tends to get very dry for your houseplants. 

Thirdly, it is colder in the winter months, which means that people are heating their homes again. Nice and warm for us, but less pleasant for many tropical plants. This has to do with humidity and evaporation of water from the pot. The heating ensures a drier air in the room. Moreover, the pot dries up more quickly when the plant is near the heating. You can prevent this by keeping the air moist and not placing plants too close to the heating. Make sure that your plants do not get too cold, because most tropical plants need a minimum temperature of about 16.5 degrees Celsius. 

Finally, there are also fewer hours of sunshine during the day. Since plants need light to absorb nutrients and live, it is advisable not to place the plant in too dark a space during the winter. Especially plants with many light-coloured or even white leaves cannot be placed in too dark a place. Nevertheless, a plant does not need as much sun during the resting period as during the growing period (spring and summer months).

In short, every plant needs a different kind of care, but in general the care in winter is the same. Pay special attention to the humidity, the amount of watering, the amount of light and the temperature in the house. We wish you lots of fun and happiness with the care of your plants in the coming months and hope that these tips have helped you. Look for helpful accessories in care on this page. Good luck!