Welke soort plantenvoeding is het beste?

Which type of plant food is best?

The shelves in a plant shop are often full of all kinds of plant food. But which one is right for you and your method of plant care is not immediately visible on the packaging. If you want to know more about this, read on!

What types of plant food exist?

Plant food comes in the form of a stick, spheres and liquid food in a bottle, among other things. The liquid version is often the cheapest, because it has to be diluted. But it is also the most work to prepare it. Liquid feed is sold in a bottle or a pump. The packaging usually states how much nutrition a plant needs on average. 

What is the advantage of plant food?

Plant food not only ensures better growth of the plant, but also gives the plant an extra boost, so that it can protect itself better against pests and other diseases. Moreover, plant food ensures that the plant is less prone to yellow leaves and leaf loss. But make sure that you do not exceed the maximum amount of nutrition each time. So do not give extra nutrition if you forgot to give it last week! 

Little balls of plant food or rods?

The colored balls that Pokon sells, are very easy to use and you can sprinkle them over the soil of your houseplant during the growing period. This gives slowly working fertilizer to the plant for at least a few weeks. So little energy is needed to take good care of your plants. 

Sticks work in a similar way. You put these in the ground with your beautiful houseplants. They also slowly release nutrients into the substrate with every watering. There are also agents that protect your plant against vermin and other diseases in combination with the release of nutrients. For example, there are Sanium Sticks. These sticks offer up to 4 months of plant nutrition and provide protection against, among others, white fly and aphids. If you like your plants to bloom, this is also a great way to get up to 3 times more flowers.