Vaderdag cadeau: stoere planten!

Father's Day gift: rugged plants!

We have just finished celebrating Mother's Day and finally found and given a nice present... Then we have to think of something else for Father's Day. Usually, the newspapers advertise beer packs, BBQs, tools and mugs with bad texts. But after a few years of hanging around these themes, it is time to think of something else. And we have some great ideas for just that: sturdy men's plants for sturdy dads.

Philodendron Ring of Fire

This plant has a serrated leaf, like that of the Philodendron Narrow or Philodendron Golden Crocodile. But what is unique about this plant is that the leaves look like flames. There are yellow, pink, white and green spots in the leaf that give the plant a unique appearance. Each new leaf has a different pattern. Besides the fact that this plant has a tough appearance, its name is also tough. Does your father always go through fire for you? Then this plant is a good gift to give. It is relatively easy to maintain, even for inexperienced plant lovers.

Monstera Esqueleto

The Esqueleto is a spooky, but tough plant. It can quickly grow large leaves and has uniquely large holes in them. A real eye-catcher for the mancave! This little green skeleton is relatively easy to care for and will turn the room into a jungle in no time if that is what you want. It clings well to moss sticks and as it ages, not only do the leaves get bigger, but the holes do too.

Snooping around yourself

Of course, it's difficult to know in advance what your dad will like. That is why you could come to our outdoor sale the weekend before Father's Day on 11 and 12 June! Here, you can take your time looking around among the plants and drink a cup of coffee or tea. In addition, our staff are of course ready for a chat and advice. Moreover, extra species are sold here that are not for sale on the webshop.