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Browsing through a garden centre looking for new plants for your room or garden is a nice weekend activity. But if you are a real fan of special and rare plants, or if you are looking for something different for once, take a look at the outdoor sale of Greenhouse Claessen Orchids and Plants on 11 and 12 June. Here you can find the most rare green houseplants and variegated plants for small and large price tags. All kinds of gems at 1 location in Central Limburg: Nederweert-Eind.

On the facebook and instagram page of Claessen Orchids and Plants you can find out more about what kind of plants will be offered at these sales days. But to give you a taste, here are some of the product types you can expect:


The Monstera is a relatively easy plant to take care of. However, we do have the rarest and most sought-after plants in our range, such as the Monstera adansonii variegata and the Monstera deliciosa variegata. The latter is a beautiful variegated plant that is extremely rare and sought after. The true tropical plant lover is usually looking for a unique specimen in a desired pattern. Feel free to take a look at the stalls on 11 and 12 June or ask one of our staff about the plant you are looking for. Perhaps we can help you find your dream plant!


These special, playful plants are an excellent addition to a terrarium and can have the most unusual or amusing patterns. The plant is also a good gift to give, as it is quite easy to take care of. So for the novice plant collector, this is highly recommended!


This plant is often a classic of the tropical plants for the living room. In a regular plant shop you will not find much of interest. This is quite different at our outdoor sale. We have the special Anthurium crystallinum 'Silver Queen' of this plant. But also the Anthurium villenaorum and the Anthurium regale can be found here.


The Philodendron is also a classic and often a relatively easy plant to maintain. There are many varieties of this plant, many of which have dropped in price. At the outdoor sales, you will find them at attractive prices.


This plant is often mistaken for a Philodendron, but is in fact a different genus. There are also a number of rare gems of these, but also a few on sale. These will of course be offered at the outdoor sale in June. From the Nearly Black to the pinnatum variegata albo, there is something for everyone.


This classic houseplant also has a number of extremely rare species in circulation. We have managed to get hold of a few. Some of these plants will be found outdoors. But is the plant you want not listed at the outdoor sale? Feel free to ask the seller if it is available at the back. Some species are too sensitive to be placed outside. The staff will be happy to help you in your search for the rarest gem.


The Begonia is also a classic among houseplants. However, one often encounters the most average begonias in the garden centre. For the special and more unique specimens at both high and low prices, visit the outdoor sale in June. There will be at least a handful of different unusual and unique Begonia species to be found.


The Hoya is a plant that we have been offering for many years. We have both the cheapest and the more expensive and rarer species for sale. At the outdoor sale you can expect high discounts on these and on the species with spots as well as the species with cute little leaves.

Jewel Orchid

This is a well-known terrarium plant that can produce very cute little flowers. But it is particularly known for its beautiful, glistening leaves. In the sunlight, it looks as if someone has dropped a jar of glitter on this special orchid. The Jewel Orchid stays small and compact, but will steal the show between your plants with its beautiful shiny, velvety leaves.


Last year at the outdoor sale, there was a bruising corner for plants that would normally be rejected for sale in the webshop. This year, this corner will be there again with new cuttings and extremely high discounts. Many people really liked this and asked for more cuttings to be offered. Of course Claessen Orchids and Plants has listened to this request. Of the most rare plants there will be cuttings for sale with a lower price than the rooted version. 

Are you coming to the outdoor sale on 11 and 12 June?

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(about 30 minutes by car from Eindhoven)