Therapie en ontspanning met kamerplanten

Therapy and relaxation with house plants

Many people started gathering plants in the coronation time with full dedication. Fortunately, this hobby has not died, but there is plenty of flowering! In addition to getting a lot of plant knowledge with a large group of fun plant collectors and have built up a nice plant community, we also invented how we can relax and de -stress.

House plants good for health

That house plants provide relaxation and doing a lot for good health has become clear lately. Many university studies have also shown that active plants ensure a better state of mind. Every new leaf brings joy and satisfaction for your good care towards your tropical plant.

Climbing plants grow with you

Meditation and being busy between the plants ensures a therapeutic effect. You will see that you can live much more relaxed and that you get more grip on emotions and your overall (mental) health takes a leap over time. Climbing plants therefore show carefully in a figurative sense how much you have grown in taking care of plants and taking care of your body.

Psychology of house plants

A number of studies have shown that plants can communicate with each other. They pass on through chemicals when they suffer from something, such as too wet soil, but also if they are satisfied and if you have taken good care of them.

People who, for example, good for them Philodendron Or Anthurium will take care of it will notice that they become better at communicating and recognizing details. Moreover, the feeling is that you are one with nature and can of course ensure that you cannot match. That can give us such a euphoric feeling that we spontaneously forget that we actually do this as our work.