Terrarium planten

Terrarium plants

Our company grew out of a hobby of the founder that got out of hand. Especially the plants in the terrarium aroused a great interest. Beautiful flowering species like orchids, Syngoniums and other tropical miniature climbers but also tropical ground cover plants. Of course, we would like to share some tips with you about keeping a terrarium and rare tropical plants that are suitable for it.

Climbing plants and wall plants

Philodendrons are excellent plants for a terrarium. However, please note that most Philodendrons grow very quickly. So if you don't want to be pruning your Philodendron every month during the summer months, it is best to choose a Philodendron that is young and slow-growing. An example is the Philodendron Spiritus Sancti. We offer seedlings of this plant in our webshop. This plant does not grow fast and yet it is a climber. Very nice and special for your terrarium.

What does not fit in a terrarium?

Terrariums for tropical plants, which contain special frogs or a chameleon, are meant to hold plants that love that warm, humid climate. Outdoor plants that grow in Europe are therefore not really suitable. But a cactus or a succulent is certainly not suitable for your terrarium. Combining the right plants is not very difficult, but it does require attention. Most plants in our range fit together in the same climate. However, some plants have more or less need of nutrition and/or water. Some plants prefer drier soil than others. You can adapt your terrarium for this by planting the right plants in the right type of substrate.

Ground covers and supplements

Covering the ground in your terrarium is a difficult task. Small, slow-growing or small plants which like to stand in the ground are often suitable for this purpose. An example is a Jewel Orchid or Syngonium. But an Aglaonema pictum bicolor or tricolor is also suitable. These grow slowly and often have a nice, compact growth. The Monstera obliqua Peru is also a gem for your terrarium. Its unusual leaves are reminiscent of a reptile with their perforated and wrinkled appearance. This plant is also extremely rare and almost nowhere to be found.

Terrarium accessories

Plants in terrariums require a different kind of care than single potted plants. A terrarium often has an air humidification system and timers can help. In addition, the care of the plants requires extra attention. A pest spreads much faster in a small space, where the plants are close together. Biological insecticides can help, in addition to extra plant food. Sanium Sticks combines these properties. Moreover, this remedy works for four months and ensures that your beautiful flowering plants produce three times as many flowers. This is a great advantage if you want beautiful flowers in your Hoya or orchid. Grow lights can also give the plants a boost on dark days.

Be careful with pesticides: your terrarium animals need to be resistant to them. So ask your veterinarian in advance if you can use certain products. Or temporarily move your animals to another terrarium until the pesticides are no longer harmful.

Did you know that the physical shop of Claessen Orchids and Plants also has a terrarium with special tropical frogs? Feel free to drop by and take a look during opening hours.

Enjoy decorating and taking care of your terrarium!