Spookachtige kamerplanten voor Halloween

Spooky house plants for Halloween

Boe! Did you know that house plants can also be very creepy and mysterious? Halloween is becoming increasingly popular every year. Also in Europe. Where many people often hang and places traditional decorations, we like an exciting houseplant. Do you also love separate, rare and mysterious plants? Read through soon and be surprised by beauties from nature! We mention 5 gift, but mysterious, rare houseplants on:

Philodendron polypodioides

The Philodendron Polypodioides looks like the Philodendron Tortum, but if you look better, this plant is much nicer. He has 3 parts on the leaf that is feathered instead of 1. And in addition, the leaves look like creepy spider webs. This plant is extremely rare and that is partly because the plant is not yet known.

The Philodendron Polypodioides is growing slowly, but is much more stable and easier than one Philodendron Tortum. This has to do with the way in which the polypodioides is grown. The polypodioides has thinner leaves, so that it also likes to be in a somewhat lighter place in the house. Moreover, this beauty loves high humidity. Great if you have a bald bathroom!

Philodendron Snowdrift

The Philodendron Snowdrift is the terrible snowman from this list. When you put this plant in a light place, the plant gets pale leaves with freckles. Very special to see, because it colors much lighter and whiter than one Philodendron Paraiso Verde for example. And this mysterious houseplant is also growing more compactly. So it is easier to grow a fuller plant!

Amydrium Zippelianum

This plant seems to have scary hands. The leaves drip down, creating a mysterious, dramatic effect. Very exciting to have between your special plant collection! When you let this plant climb, the plant will get larger leaves. But accompany him, because otherwise he will get very long strings.

This nice tropical houseplant can get huge leaves in the wild. Often some support invites a climbing frame or bow this plant to create larger leaves.

Raphidophora "Spider"

Spiders are of course always creepy and fit completely into the theme of Halloween. That is why the Raphidophora "Spider was not missing in this freaky list. This special climbing plant has very special veins. They form a kind of spider-like pattern. The plant also has its name from that.

This scary plant is therefore a nice addition to your Halloween decorations!

Philodendron "Florida Ghost"

Finally, of course, the classic: the rare and special Philodendron "Florida Ghost". This plant has a very special type of varieta. The leaves appear at first very pale and then the leaves sometimes and sometimes do not turn green again. Often the variety is visible on a full leaf. Very different from those Variegatav stains!

This ghost should therefore not be missing in your collection!