Planten voor valentijnsdag

Plants for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner again. But it remains difficult to find a gift to symbolise your relation with your partner (or crush). A bunch of flowers is still the most traditional gift there is. But why not give a lasting gift as a sign of your love? One that can bloom, but also remains beautiful without flowers: a beautiful houseplant! A symbol of your growing love. Because what you give the right attention to, will continue to grow beautifully. Read on for more inspiration!

Is your partner/crush a real plant lover or do you just want to give something unique that cannot be found on every street corner (so almost as unique as your partner/crush)? Then these might be good plants to symbolise your love:

The Philodendron is one of the most well-known houseplant genera. Many of these plants have heart-shaped leaves and Philodendron comes from the Greek language, which roughly translates as "love tree". And that, of course, is entirely in the theme of love.
Some examples of Philodendrons in our webshop with heart-shaped leaves are the following: Philodendron gloriosum, Philodendron mamei and the Philodendron plowmanii. All of them are very cute and fun when they are small, but also magically beautiful when they are large and mature.

The Monstera is another popular houseplant that can have heart-shaped leaves. One of the most well-known with heart-shaped leaves is of course the Monstera deliciosa. But then, of course, it is not a unique plant. That is why there are two much more exciting and playful varieties of this climber: the Monstera Thai Constellation and the Monstera deliciosa Variegata. Both are still rare and much sought after. Variegated plants can be a little tricky to look after though. But just like the care of these plants, a relationship is also something that needs attention. Are you up to the challenge?
You can read more about caring for variegated plants in this blog

Finally, we come to the plant with the unusual flower in the picture of this blog. Anthuriums can flower just like other arums. There are also very rare species with beautiful heart-shaped leaves. The unique appearance on often a glistening leaf, makes such a plant a real eye-catcher. Not as special as your partner, but still steal the show between the other plants in the room. And then of course we are talking about the Anthurium crystallinum, Anthurium regale and the Anthurium villenaorum.

We hope that we have inspired you. Have a happy Valentine's Day!