Planten stekken en baby planten

Plant cuttings and baby plants

Buying a nice big plant can be a godsend when you want to fill your urban jungle right away. But there is also much to be said about watching a baby plant grow. Experiencing the development from a cutting to a fully grown plant can also be very satisfying. That is why we offer cuttings and baby plants at Plantique, so you can experience this feeling yourself. Among others we have the following plants cuttings in our offer: Philodendron domesticum Variegated, Monstera minima variegated aurea, Monstera minima Variegated Albo, Philodendron joepii and Philodendron Florida Beauty.

Plant cuttings

Because a plant cutting has no or few roots, it is more sensitive than a plant. After all, the cutting still has to develop into a fully-fledged plant. To be able to do this, the cutting will first have to develop its roots (further). With these roots the cutting can then absorb water and nutrients in order to grow further. How long this process takes is different for each cutting and it may require some patience from you. In general you can assume that as long as the cutting looks healthy, it will be busy producing more roots.

Tense air

When you receive a cutting, it will want to adapt to the new circumstances. You can support the cutting by putting it on trapped air. You create a kind of greenhouse around the cutting. You can achieve this by putting the cutting in a transparent plastic bag or container. Of course you can also place the cutting in a greenhouse if you own one. This way a higher humidity and temperature is created for the cutting. 

Rooted cutting

When a cutting has developed enough roots you can put it in soil to develop it further. What type of soil is most suitable for the cutting you can often find in the description of the cutting. Also information concerning the location, humidity, watering and eventual fertilisation are often mentioned here. 

Baby plants

The (up) growth of a mini plant to a full-fledged plant is a particularly beautiful process to witness. Sometimes we also have baby plants in our range with which you can experience this yourself. These plants are already rooted. The only thing they need is water, good care and some patience to grow into a full-grown plant.