Voorjaarsverzorging & tips!

Spring care & tips!

Spring has sprung again! The blossom is back in the trees and the itch for the big cleaning is there again. Everyone seems to be busy in the garden again. But don't forget your beautiful green house pearls! They have been hibernating for a few months now, but now the growing season has started again. So that requires a different approach than in winter.
Do you want to know what you can do to make your plants grow beautifully again this growing season? Then read on!

New shoes
Plants have grown new roots after being in their pots for a while, so it could be that your plant has outgrown its pot. Sometimes plants even stick their toes out of their shoes! Time for a new pot.

Repotting once a year is often sufficient for most species. By then, the roots have grown big enough. Roots of plants need space to grow further and absorb enough nutrients. When repotting, choose a pot about two sizes bigger and give the plant a new mixture straight away. This contains new substances, so that your green friend can continue to grow nicely.

So besides those new running shoes for your resolutions, your plant could also use something new on its feet.

Good food!
Plants love good food just like us, but where we usually eat extra in the winter (yes, admit it. In the December month, it is hard to turn down tasty treats), plants like to have a little more food during the warmer months. The growing season has started and that means longer days. Apart from air and water, the plant needs some extra nutrition to maintain its beautiful green colour and produce new leaves.

Check how much nutrition your plant needs. You can also damage a plant by giving it too much. It will not gain weight, but its leaves will be damaged or, in extreme cases, it may even die! So always read the packaging, but also check what your plant feels comfortable with. You can always increase, but reducing is often more difficult in practice. More is not always better.

Spick and span
It is not only a nice feeling if the interior looks fresh again in the spring after the winter is over. It is also nice if your plants benefit from this. Not only is ventilation good for the air quality for your plant, but if the windows are washed, more light comes in and the plant can grow a lot better!

This effect is even greater when the plant itself is also cleaned. In the winter, a layer of dust settles on the leaves. This prevents some of the light from reaching the leaves. Of course, not with a sponge, soapy water and a chamois, but with clean water and a soft cloth, for example. You can prolong this clean, positive effect on the leaves a little by using leaf gloss. This prevents dust and water from sticking to the surface of the plant's leaves so quickly. You then do not have to clean them again soon afterwards. 

Now hopefully you have enough tips to make a fresh start with your beautiful plants this year. Have fun with your green friends!