Hoe verzorg ik een Paphiopedilum (venusschoen)?

How do I take care of a Paphiopedilum (venus slipper)?

A Paphiopedilum looks very much like one in terms of growing methods Phalaenopsis. The leaves also grow in rows of 2. However, a completely different flower grows and the leaves of this plant are often marbled or elongated. The lip of the flower of a paphiopedilum has the shape of a shoe or a chalice, so that it is also called ladyslipper or slipper orchid. This has the function of leaving the pollen better on another insect. Do you want to know how you can best take care of a Paphiopedilum? Then read on!

Where can I put a paphiopedilum in the room?

Most paphiopedilums love a lot of indirect sunlight, but they don't like to stand too close to the window. Moreover, these orchids like to be in Bark just like a Phalaenopsis. Give the paphiopedilum a place with at least room temperature in the summer. In the winter it can get a few degrees colder.

Do not put the paphiopedilum in full sun! Then the leaves get a yellow or burnt color and the plant will eventually die. If the days get shorter and you still want a little more light for your plants in the room, then the use of a flowering timulent growth lamp a good idea. This lamp is weak enough so that the leaves and the flowers are not damaged.

When the night temperature is around 12-15 degrees Celsius in the spring, the flowering is better stimulated and there is a greater chance that more flower buds will open. The paph sometimes blooms for more than 2 months!


How do I use the Paphiopedilum to water?

The Paph wants rainwater or in any case of water with little lime and minerals. It is therefore also possible to mix rainwater and osmosis water. Then the accumulation of minerals is prevented. Certainly if there once a month orchid food will be given. This is more than sufficient for this species.

The paphiopedilum does not like wet leaves. When watering, it is better to immerse it for 10 minutes or pour on the roots. Make sure that the paphiopedilum does not keep wet feet, because he doesn't like this.

Where can I get such a special Paphiopedilum?

The botanical paphiopedilums naturally grow in the rainforest of Indonesia, among others. But there are also cultivated species that can be obtained. You can adopt the most special paphiopedilums at Plantique. These orchids are usually very rare and not for sale at a garden center, flower shop or supermarket. Look here for special and rare paphiopedilum orchids.

Orchids such as the Paphiopedilum Rothschildianum, Paphiopedilum Deelatii, Paphiopedilum Insigne, Paphiopedilum Sanderianum and Paphiopedilum Callosum are available in our greenhouse. Specifically looking for a certain copy? Let us know! Perhaps we can obtain that species for you. Mail to do this info@plantique.shop