Easter plants

It is Easter again. An important celebration and even a bank holiday in the Netherlands. Usually, in the new year, all kinds of cute creatures are born again and we start the annual, extensive cleaning. But all those motherly feelings that you get when you see those young lives, you can of course also express in a houseplant. Want to know how? Then read on!

Baby plants
Every year, I get motherly creeps and feelings when I see all those cute, sweet little animals and the flowers that are coming up again. If there is no time or space for another animal, a baby plant is a good alternative. In our assortment, we have various small baby plants and jeweled orchids, in which you can express your motherly feelings. Cute, isn't it?

Little yellow chicks
When it is Easter, the colour yellow is everywhere. Not just with chicks and those cute little pastel eggs, but you can also see it in our rare houseplants. Set the filter to yellow and a whole new world will open up. All yellow! Besides, you don't have to put this Easter decoration back in the box and go to the attic. This decoration is beautiful in your room all year round!

Cuttings time!
In order to reduce the purchase of an expensive plant, more and more collectors of extremely rare plants choose to buy a cutting instead of a full-grown and well-rooted plant. A cutting means that the plant has recently been split from the mother plant. The plant is therefore a lot more vulnerable than a plant that has already grown a lot in its pot. 

The advantage of a cutting is that you can really prove and practice your planting skills with it, because this is much more difficult than an older, stronger plant. Moreover, you will have your own fragile new plant for a fraction of the price of a full-grown plant. All it takes is a little patience. But it is good to put your maternal feelings into something when the spring jitters are back, right?

Our range also includes a wide selection of cute cuttings that you can comfortably mother. Fits perfectly with the Easter feeling!

Easter branch plant?
A common decoration around Easter is the Easter tree. We hang painted eggs and plush chicks in it to celebrate new life. But why not hang these things in your beautiful houseplant? It looks just as colourful and cheerful, doesn't it? Of course, make sure the hanger is not too heavy for the stem of the plant.