Oranje boven! Koninklijke korting

Orange above! Royal discount

Every year another crazy party pops up in the Low Countries. We all wear orange and go crazy. This celebration is called Koningsdag. On 27 April we celebrate the birthday of our king in the Netherlands: Willem-Alexander der Nederlanden. This year he will be 55 years old. Congratulations Willem! Cheers!

In the theme of this day, we give 5% discount on Wednesday 27 April on these 4 plants with a noble touch. The plants listed below are therefore part of this promotion:

Philodendron billietiae*
This plant has a special orange stem and the vein on the underside of the leaf also turns this beautiful colour. During King's Day, we in the Netherlands all dress in orange to celebrate the birthday of our King, this is called Orange Madness. The orange colour is a symbol for the Netherlands and this has everything to do with the history of our little country. But of course this plant is also beautiful to see in the room all year round.

Anthurium crystallinum "Silver Queen"
Another royal plant is this beautiful Anthurium. The silver veins on the leaf look like very expensive jewellery. It is as if this plant has chosen its own name. This variety is a bit pricier than the normal crystallinum, because it is a lot rarer.

Philodendron White Princess*
This is a plant that has been known to plant collectors for a while now. But it is still a beautiful sight. If you do not yet have it in your plant collection, it is highly recommended. It does not only have beautiful white spots on the leaves, but also pink stripes in the stems. 

Anthurium regale
Regale is a Latin word for "royal". So this plant fits the theme perfectly. The leaves of this plant look a little like those of a crystallinum, but are less round. Moreover, this plant has comparatively more veins and is of course a lot rarer. The top of the leaf grows towards each other on two sides, which makes it look like the plant has ears when it is older. Personally, it reminds me of the famous classic hair style from the 40s: "Victory Rolls", where the hair is curled towards each other.

And then another announcement:

Anthurium warocqueanum
Not only does this plant look like it belongs to nobility, it is also named after it. The nickname of this plant is "the Queen Anthurium". You can tell by its beautiful oblong, dark-green leaves. They look beautiful in a hanging pot with its draped leaves.

We will probably not have this plant as a product in the webshop by 27 April, because they will not have grown big enough yet. Therefore this plant is not participating in this action.

* With the exception of Anthurium warocqueanum, Philodendron billietiae Variegata and other special versions such as a pink splash, full moon, half moon or almost full moon.

Please note! This action is only valid on 27 April 2022 from 0:00 to 23:59 and is not valid in combination with other actions.