Onder de aandacht!

Under the spotlight!

Rare and special plants, which deserve more attention. In this blog, we will discuss a number of special, rare plants, which you may never have heard of! If you are looking for a real gem, these might be some good options. Read on if you are just as enthusiastic about these tropical rare plants! 

Watch out! Some of these plants will probably not be in our assortment any time soon.

Philodendron Paraiso Verde
This plant is like a chameleon! In the summer months, this plant shows beautiful mottled leaves and in the winter it gets darker, but no less exciting colours. When the days are longer again and the plant is in bright (indirect!) sunlight again, the summery colours will return with the right care. Strange, isn't it?

With a good grow light you can stretch the days artificially and enjoy the paradisiacal variegation in the leaves a little longer. If you are most attracted to the mottled colours of this beautiful oblong-leaved plant, a light position with lots of indirect light is the best option. Will you also create a paradise with this special, green-spotted paradise plant in your room?

Philodendron Atabapoense
This is a plant that is a look-a-like of the extremely popular Philodendron Spiritus Sancti! The leaves look like elegant stilettos with the red underside of the elongated leaves. In addition, this plant is very easy to maintain and can tolerate some neglect. Moreover, this plant also looks a bit like the beautiful autumn colours that we can see outside at the moment. Bring these autumn colours into your home with this extraordinary Philodendron Atabapoense!

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor
This plant has a very tough and unique appearance. It has a kind of army pattern! The leaves are very soft (which looks nice with the fluffy clothes and interior items that are totally hip again this autumn). This "army-plant" is extremely unique and rare with its unique pattern. Can you still get your hands on an Aglaonema pictum Tricolor before they disappear from the assortment?

This plant is also very un-theme, now that it is almost Armistice Day again (Jour de l'Armistice/Jour du Souvenir). On 11 November, we commemorate the dead who died in the First World War. We hope that such a war will never break out again and that all the victims can rest in peace.

Epipremnum Pinnatum variegated albo
The Epipremnum pinnatum variegated albo. Quite a mouthful. But a true beauty to behold! The cuts in the pointed leaves and the mottled leaves are not the only things that make this plant so beautiful. The small holes in the leaf along the main vein is also a unique feature. These small perforations develop mainly in optimal conditions and can be easily observed at close range. They are therefore not damages, but these holes are in the DNA of this special plant. The pinnatum often has a somewhat darker leaf and the aerial roots like to grab onto something, so you can make this plant grow very nicely! You will not find this unique leaf structure in any other plant!

Philodendron gloriosum
This rare plant is very popular at the moment. And rightly so! It is a beautiful plant with velvet-like leaves. Moreover, this plant is much more accessible than a few months ago, because we still have some, the price has dropped. The gloriosum can get immense leaves with beautiful glitters in the broad, light-coloured veins. Do you know how to get hold of a beautiful, large Philodendron gloriosum before they disappear from the assortment?