Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. This day is dedicated to the woman who brought you into the world and/or raised you. And of course, that deserves to be celebrated in appreciation.
But if you are like me, every year it is difficult to get something for Mother's Day. Coming up with a personal or symbolic gift every year is not easy. So to give you some inspiration, I've put together a list of suggestions especially for people like me who struggle to think of a gift for mum:

Nice plants for an even nicer price
Every year, I like to get something for my mum that is not only nice for the wallet, but I also want her to be able to unwrap several things. Then it helps if there are some gifts with a lower price in the "gift bag".

Juwel orchids are first of all beautiful plants that have shiny leaves all year round. They are an ornament to your room. The Macodes petolaAnoectochilus formosanus or Anoectochilus Spiderman, for example, would not look out of place in your gift bag. With good care, this affordable plant will produce very small, cute little flowers.

Another star for your set of plants is the Syngonium. This plant is easy to take care of and they are not only offered for sale at a nice price in our webshop. They also often have a fun and festive pattern on their leaves. Examples of these fun plants are the Syngonium MottledSyngonium "Milk Confetti" and the Syngonium panda.

Thirdly, the Philodendron. This plant name means love tree or love plant. A nice symbol to show your mother your appreciation for all she does for you. Philodendrons are fairly easy to maintain and steal the show in the living room. Moreover, a number of them have been significantly reduced in price in our webshop, including the Philodendron mameiPhilodendron plowmanii and the Philodendron Burle Marx Variegata.

Especially the jewel orchids and the Syngoniums can grow well in a terrarium. So for the creative people: You can also give a terrarium as a gift with this combination of terrarium plants. The Philodendron often grows a lot faster, so unless you make a very large terrarium, it is often smarter not to put them in a terrarium.

Accessories to go with it
Accessoires for plants are often a good idea to give your mum if she doesn't have a green thumb or if she has a bit too many plants. Accessories can make taking care of plants a lot easier.

For busy mums, it can be a good idea to give Sanium Sticks. These are very convenient for the "lazy" plant caretakers among us. They not only provide nutrition to the plant, but also protect the plant for about four months against, among other things, white fly and aphids.

Another example of a gift is a spray can of leaf gloss. Especially if your mother likes to hang the lovely smelling, clean laundry near the plants to dry, dust particles can easily settle on the leaves. Leaf gloss protects the leaves from water stains and dust particles, making it easier for the leaves to absorb light and air. In plants with shiny leaves, foliage gloss can also improve the appearance of the plant in the photo.

The grow lights in our range are on sale. Grow lights can stimulate the production of new leaves and flowering in flowering plants. We have a lamp in our range that is safe to use on more sensitive and variegated plants.

Snooping around between the plants
Still not sure what to give after these suggestions? Then you can always go out with mum and let her pick out the plants herself. In the shop we have a wider range, including many more accessories, such as ornamental pots. We are open every Friday from 09:30 to 12:30.