Mijn planten gaan dood tijdens de vakantie

My plants die during the holidays

A common issue during the summer holidays is the dying of the houseplants due to forgotten or wrong care. Of course this is a shame and unfortunate! That nice collection that you have after, for example, more than 2 years of saving, has become very precious to you. Certainly if there rare gems among them you don't want to just have to replace it. Fortunately we have experience with that and we would like to give some tips!

Arrange for a plant care, neighbour or plant sitter

The most safe option is to call in help for the care of your beloved green rascals. You can make an instruction list for how you take care of your plants. Keep in mind changing weather. With extreme heat and sun, more water will be needed than when it is cold and wet. To prevent damage to the plants, you can already put the plants off the window. Then there will be less quickly burning spots in the leaves.

Make a watering system

If you stay away for longer and you cannot arrange a caregiver, you can also make a watering system by putting a bottle of water and a few holes in the cap upside down in the pot. This is of course less reliable, because the water does not neatly distribute and you cannot give more or less water depending on the circumstances.

Make sure it doesn't get too hot or too cold

Heat often ensures better growth with plants, but it also causes a major disadvantage: your plants are thirsty faster. That is why it is better to give your plants some extra water in advance and put them in a cooler spot or try to keep the house cooler (without the air becoming dry by, for example, an air conditioner).

However, cold also ensures an adverse effect on the plants. For example, a too low temperature or changing temperatures can cause damage to your plants. If it is too cold for a long time or too changing in temperature, your plants can even die! So set the stove to a minimum temperature that is needed for good health of your tropical friends.

Give enough water before you travel

Another tip for the plant lover who is traveling is to give the plants more water in advance. Of course not drowning, but so that your house plants are less likely to have a dried soil when you travel. Certainly with a short journey this is the only thing that is needed to take care of your plants. Perhaps the journey that you have planned is short enough for you to keep your Philos, Monsteras and other green beauties healthy.

Take a good look at the individual needs of your plants. And then decide what works best for you.