Kwekerij bezoeken

Nursery visit

Ordering plants from a web shop can be a gamble. You do not know what the plant looks like in reality. Especially with more difficult or expensive plants, it is often preferable to see and feel the plant in real life. Even in a garden centre, the opportunity to ask for advice and get the right information is limited. This is why we have found a good solution for our customers:
We hold an outdoor sale or similar event every year! Here, you can not only admire many more houseplants than in our webshop, but also ask for advice and get high discounts on certain species.

Monstera Esqueleto

This beautiful, graceful Monstera makes mega large holes in its leaves. This year, you can find it between the other rare tropical plants at the outdoor sale.
We also offer more holey plants.

Monstera Variegata

This plant has been the most popular plant in our shop for a few years now. The breathtaking white spots steal the show in your room. The patterns are unique every time and this plant is not sensitive for pests. So it is only a challenge to keep the white spots beautiful. Because of the unique colours, it is of course nice if you can pick out your unique Monstera.

Philodendron gloriosum

This plant is extremely reduced in price. The plants with the largest, most beautiful leaves are only sold at our outdoor sales for an attractive price. So feel free to drop by and see these beauties with velvety leaves, and maybe adopt them. 

Terrarium plants

The owner of Claessen Orchids and Plants always organises the outdoor sale. He started his business out of his greatest hobby: terrariums. So he knows an awful lot about terrarium plants and setting them up. He is therefore very happy to answer your questions about the care of your green beauties!