Kerstkleuren en planten

Christmas colours and plants

Christmas is just around the corner. The time has come to traditionally decorate the Christmas tree with lights, balls, garlands and other ornaments. But during this traditional midwinter feast, people also bring cosiness into the house in other ways. And the decorations are not nearly as traditional as they used to be.

Traditional Christmas colours
Red, green and white are the traditional colours of Christmas. This is mainly due to the symbolism that these colours represent. Red stands for love, passion and is a warm colour. Green stands for new life, nature, freshness and hope. And white stands for faith, light and purity. It also associates with the white colour of snow and, according to colour psychology, stands for a new beginning.

Of course, this is not a prescription and today you see almost all colours in Christmas decorations. There is a range of different Christmas decorations available today. From traditional to ultra modern. And their uses also vary from house to house.

Plants at Christmas
As well as spruce, pine and poinsettia, other plants are also making a name for themselves as Christmas plants these days. One example is Araucaria heterophylla (Chamber pine), which is regularly seen on social media dressed up as an alternative to the Christmas tree. But what about the rare Monstera deliciosa Variegata ''Full Moon'' with its beautiful white leaves? The beautiful white and green leaves are the perfect match for the Christmas feeling that most people want to bring into their homes at this time of year. Or the Philodendron White Wizard with its beautiful leaves and characteristic white variegated spots. And the advantage with these unique tropical plants is that they will steal the show in your home, day in and day out, even after Christmas. And you will have a wonderfully unique addition to your own urban jungle.

Christmas decoration
Indoor plants can also be involved in Christmas decorations. You can of course choose to just put up a Christmas tree, but nowadays people are not surprised if the houseplants are decorated with lights, garlands and balls.

Of course, you don't want to make new holes in your rare and unique tropical houseplants. But they too could be included in the fun by simply placing Christmas lights, a garland or baubles at the bottom of the pot on the potting soil or substrate. Or what about a spike on the moss stick of your Monstera epipremnoides ''Esqueleto'' or a light tube twisted around the moss stick, doesn't that look festive? You can fully express your own creativity.

But what about watering the plants when you have used Christmas lights?

We hope to have inspired you for Christmas 2021! Merry Christmas!