Kamerplanten verzorgen tijdens een hittegolf

Caring for houseplants during a heatwave

During a heat wave, the temperature feels oppressive and in the Netherlands it quickly becomes muggy. For humans, we know the tips by now, but your beloved tropical friends also need a different kind of approach to care during this period. In this text, we will mention a few tips to keep your houseplant fresh and healthy.

Increase humidity

Because of the heat wave, you will notice that water evaporates quickly. Not only do your plants need more water, they also need it more often. But when you open a window or turn on the air conditioning, your plants will also crave for more humidity. So, even with these temperatures, make sure that the air humidity remains at a good level and do not place your plants too close to the air-conditioning. Air-conditioning lowers humidity levels and creates a cooler but drier environment. Humidity will have to be increased with the help of a humidifier.

Keep plants out of the sun

When the sun shines extra brightly, it can be detrimental to the condition of the leaves. Especially if your plants have variegated leaves. The white, yellow or light green spots in the plant are extra sensitive. Extra light can cause burning during a heat wave. So be careful with this and preferably temporarily place your plants in a darker spot or use some more window covering. Be careful when watering variegated plants. The drops on the leaves can cause burns in bright light. So it is better to water them at sunrise or sunset.

Cooling down between plants

Did you know that plants regulate the ambient temperature to some extent? Plants use some of the sun's energy to evaporate water, which makes the air flow cooler. So during a heatwave, it can be a lot more pleasant in a room with lots of plants. This is of course a very good reason to convince your roommate or partner to buy more plants. Click here for large plants that help against the heat.