Kamerplanten op de juiste manier verzorgen

Taking care of house plants in the right way

House plants generally come from tropical areas, where the climate and the soil are different than in Europe. That is why a houseplant has different needs than most plants from your garden. Are you still a bit new in the plant world and do you want to know what to do to keep your new inside plants healthy? Then read on!

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Basic needs of a plant

The basic needs of a houseplant are similar to ours: they need enough water, sunlight, nutrients and the right temperature. Of course, too much can always be given to a plant. Too much water, sunlight or a too low temperature can cause yellow leaves and ultimately a dead plant. So too many of the basic needs can also be given.

House plant water

It is best not to give your plant too much water immediately. Most tropical plants find rainwater finer than tap water. So we always recommend rainwater. Always give lukewarm water, so that your plants don't get a big shock when you water them. Most tropical plants do not like large temperature changes.

Where do I put my houseplant?

Each houseplant has separate needs. Often plants with lighter leaves need more sunlight than plants with darker leaves. But take a good look at what your plant likes. Does he get burn spots or yellow spots by the window? Then put it a little further and a little darker.

How cold can I put the stove for my houseplant at night and in the winter?

Most tropical plants cannot stand temperatures below 16 degrees Celsius for more than a few hours. They normally live in the tropics and there is a warm and humid climate. So they have never adapted to our cold temperatures. It is therefore advisable not to lower the stove than what your plant can tolerate.

Is it not possible due to the current gas prices to raise the stove? Then we recommend that you choose as many house plants as possible that can tolerate somewhat lower temperatures. That way you can still enjoy a green and lively interior!

What kind of nutrients does my plant need?

Often there are quite a few nutrients in the potting soil of the houseplant itself. But many species like it during the growing season to also get some extra nutrients, because this makes them better protected against diseases and unwanted critters.

Can I take care of every houseplant the same?

Not every houseplant can be cared for the same thing. So always look at your individual plant what it needs. Look for this on the supplier's card or look up the care of the plant name on the card. There are usually countless websites that offer care tips. With us you can also look for general care of, for example, one Monstera or a Philodendron With our blog texts.