Kamerplanten verzorgen in het najaar

Take care of house plants in the fall

Taking care of house plants in our climate can sometimes be a challenge with current energy prices. Certainly with a worse insulated house and with the darker days, plant lovers must become creative.

Plant food in the cold months

It is best to reduce plant food or no longer give it at all in the periods that the plant goes at rest. In the winter months the plant grows less fast, so it does not need that much as when the plant gets a lot of indirect light from the summer sun. Giving too much plant food can also cause damage to your beautiful collection of green plants.

Watering during the winter period

The growing season ends and the water evaporates less quickly due to the lower temperatures. So in the fall you can start watering somewhat for the cold months. That way you prevent root rot and yellow leaves with your beautiful plants.

Draft and warmth at your houseplant

Make sure your plants do not suffer from drafts. Do not leave doors open too much with cold temperatures outside and do not place them by a window that is open. In this way, sensitive plants will not just get a blow because of the temperature difference.

Alocasias and various more sensitive Philodendrons in particular, such as the Spiritus Sancti, cannot handle drafts.

Plants that can stand shade


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