Juweel orchideeën

Jewel orchids

This small plant has gained considerably in popularity in recent years and has managed to conquer the heart of many plant lovers. Although jewel orchids can form extremely cute flowers in the fall, this is often not the reason that these splendor gems are selected. The jewel orchid is mainly praised for their beautiful foliage.
We are also a fan of these beauties and therefore have various jewel orchids in our range. For example, we have the Anoectochilus formosanus, Dossinia marmorata, Anoectochilus roxburghii x Ludisia discolor (Anoectochilus Spiderman), Anoectochilus albolineatus variegata and the Macodes petola in our catalogue. The total overview of our jewel orchids can be here find it.


Jewel orchids are terrestrial orchids. They naturally occur mainly in Southeast Asia and in areas near the Pacific. Here they grow in the bottom of the tropical forest under the shadow of other tropical plants.
There are various species that can be subndivided in the class jewel orchid. The term is used for orchids that have striking drawings on their leaves and it is therefore an umbrella term.

Light requirement

A jewel orchid likes to be in clear indirect light. Although they are naturally in the shade of other plants, they grow best if they are not placed too dark. During the dark periods you can consider to place your jewel orchid under a growing lamp. However, do not put a jewel orchid in full sun or too close under a growth lamp. The bright (sun) light can damage your jewel orchid.


A jewel orchid thrives best at a constant temperature between 16 and 25°C. Therefore they can be kept at room temperature. Do not let the temperature drop below 10°C. These little gems can't stand it.
Do not place a jewel orchid too hot, otherwise they can be damaged. A place away from heat sources and out of the draught will be very much appreciated by your wonderful jewel orchid.


A jewel orchid likes a slightly damp substrate. Make sure that this beauty does not get wet feet, otherwise root rot can occur. Between waterings you can let the top layer of earth dry on before you give new water. The substrate should never dry up completely.
During the growing period you can support your jewel orchid in growth by occasionally adding diluted fertilizer to the water.
This exceptionally beautiful orchid likes to stand in a permeable and draining substrate. 


Generally jewel orchids like moderate to high humidity (50 - 70%). The Macodes Petola even likes the humidity between 70 - 90%.
As a result, a jewel orchid is also perfectly be placed in a terrarium or under a glass dome. Please note that a possible flower will perish sooner in a terrarium or under a glass dome. (And if you are not a fan of the cute flowers in your jewel orchid, you can squeeze the flower buds before they start flowering.