Is een Hoya (wasbloem) makkelijk om te verzorgen?

Is a Hoya (Wasbloem) easy to care for?

Hoya is a genus of houseplants. They are known for the special bunches of flowers that they can get. Many types of hoyas have a pleasant scent when they are in bloom. They grow in the wild especially in Asia. These plants are relative Easy to take care of And can tolerate some neglect.

See how Hoya Plants out?

Hoyas often grow like epiphytes on trees, but a number also grow terrestrically or in rocky areas. They climb with entanglement of their tribes and grab themselves up in this way. In the wild they can become very large with the help of trees. When the plants bloom, this happens in a cluster form. The flowers have 5 thick, waxy leaves and often a colored core with usually also a star shape. Most flowers have a white or pink color, but there are also dark purple and other colors.

Can you pollinate the flowers of a Hoya?

Little is known about the way you can pollinate a washing flower. Nutlavification is often caused by ants, flies and moths.

Seeds of the plant are then spread by the wind. There is a small fluff on it. Moreover, the seeds sprout very easily. Unfortunately, the seeds spoil very quickly.

Do Hoyas do symbiosis?

In addition to being epiphytes, some species such as the Hoya Carnosa provide a hiding place for ants. They like to sit among folded leaves and look for a sheltered place there. In this way, the Hoya has a good chance of being damaged by these animals. In addition, they like to grow through grasping tifles and adhesive carrots against trees, which do not experience any burden.

What temperatures can Hoyas tolerate?

A Hoya generally does not like wet feet. Water must be at room temperature when watering. First let the top layer of the ground dry out well. In the winter they don't need much water. Then give them just enough water so that they do not completely dry up. They can withstand a little drier soil. On the other hand, they often find too dry air terrible.

Hoyas can withstand temperatures of 13 to 14 degrees in the rest period, but prefer a temperature of 16 degrees. In the summer they like temperatures to 30 degrees. Above 25 degrees, the humidity and the moisture in the pot must be closely monitored.

Where can I put a Hoya?

You can put a Hoya near a window, as long as there is not too much direct sunlight on it. Especially with Varegata plants and hoyas with light leaves look out for burning spots due to too much light. When the Hoya is in the light a lot, the plant can get red/pink leaves. This is called Sun Stressen. Sun Stressen from a Hoya is not harmful to the plant, but can even stimulate flowering.

What nutrients does a Hoya need?

The Hoya has once a month Nutrition for house plants Needed in the growing season. For this, for example, you can liquid fertilizers to use. Nutrition also helps flowering simulating.

Yet these special house plants do not need much. It is better to give the plant too little than too many nutrients.