Ikea greenhouse cabinet en verticale tuinen

Ikea greenhouse cabinet and vertical gardens

New plant trends have emerged recently, which we of course keep a close eye on. More and more people are making vertical gardens and mini greenhouses out of display cabinets. Very handy, because then you can easily fit more plants into a small space and a showcase can provide a better climate for the plants. Super nice to see, but also very practical!


A new and exciting topic has recently appeared on instagram: building your own mini greenhouse with budget furniture. You can enter the above hashtag on instagram. Maybe you'll get inspired to make cool furniture and fill it with your favourite tropical plants!

Vertical garden

Vertical gardens are all the rage outdoors and indoors. You can decorate your walls with tropical plants. This is easy to achieve with climbing plants, because you can steer the growth in the direction in which you would like your plants to grow.

Climbing plants are very nice to have. They are like a stubborn pet that wants to grow in every direction. But you can tame them by guiding them on a moss stick or other means to make them go up or down. Climbing plants are very good to let your creativity run wild. So take a look at our assortment of climbing plants!

Plant painting

More and more people are making a vertical garden. Not only because it looks cosy, but also because it is good for the plants themselves. If you put a few plants together, the air humidity around them will be higher too. So you do not have to artificially raise the humidity for each plant. 

Moreover, a plant painting is mobile and always changing. With nice jewel orchids or other flowering plants, the painting is different all year round. 

For the creative person, a shelf can easily be turned into a plant painting by attaching plant bags or plant trays close to each other. The containers then disappear from view when the plants are in them. This way it seems as if they are growing into your room!