Hoe versturen wij?

How do we ship?

Especially in the winter months, it is a risk to send a plant in a box. A plant is sensitive to temperature and (lack of) light. So a lot of things can go wrong during transport. That is why we do as much as possible to minimise this. Want to know how? Then read on!

Shipping time
For each order we look at the average shipping time of a package (of the chosen delivery service) of the previous week. That way we can make a good estimation of how long the package will take. We pass this information on to the packer.

During the holidays a decision can be made to postpone the shipment due to the rush and possibility of delay. For the products we send, the shipping time is very important to check in order to keep the quality of our products high.

Tracking link
Every order gets its own tracking link. This way you can keep an eye on your order. The route of the driver and the scans are visible. This way you can keep an eye on when your beautiful plants will arrive! Moreover, you can warn us if you think something is wrong. We will then contact the carrier.

Choosing material
We inform the packers about the temperature and the average shipping time. This way they can make a good estimation on which packing material and how many layers are needed for the plants in your order.
Unfortunately, we do not include heat packs in our packaging. This is because we have several years of experience in shipping plants and we noticed a few things when we shipped with a heat pack;
1. When a heatpack fails, the temperature drops extremely, causing the plant to suffer a sudden temperature shock and most likely die.
2. The heat pack can cause damage to the plant. For example, burning and dehydration.
3. We cannot protect the plant from cold spots in the box, because the heat pack has no effect if we wrap the plant with insulation material and the heat pack does not distribute the heat evenly. Shipping with a well-insulated outer box is impossible at the moment, due to the current prices of packaging materials (caused by the covid pandemic). This would increase the price of shipping and handling enormously.

That is why we pack the plant with extra insulation material and check the weather extra carefully when taking out a weather insurance instead of adding a heat pack.

Did you also know that the chemicals in a heat pack and its packaging are very harmful to the environment? This is also a reason why our manager is against it, as we strive to be as green as possible.

Express shipping
For many countries there is not only the possibility to choose between home delivery or a pick-up point of your choice. For many countries we also have the option to ship with UPS Express Saver. Of course this is a bit more expensive, because it is usually delivered the next working day (this is different for each country). For Finland we have Express Shipping as the only option, because normal shipping takes too long during most of the year.

Physical shop
Of course there is another alternative. If you want to be sure that your expensive or exclusive plants will arrive at your home in good condition and you do not want to depend on a delivery service? Then you can make an appointment to visit the shop with our customer service. We will then look for a suitable time to welcome you in the shop. Read more about how to make an appointment here.

On Fridays, we are open from 09:30 to 12:30 without an appointment.

Shipping damage/problems
Of course it can happen that despite all precautions something goes wrong with the shipment of your package. For this, you can contact the customer service. We will then see if we can help you with the repair or offer another solution, suitable to your situation.