Goede voornemens

New Year's resolutions

New Year's Eve is coming up, and for many people it is a time to make good resolutions for the new year. These days, the focus of new resolutions is often on health, lifestyle and the environment. People want to live healthier lives and preserve the earth as much as possible by taxing it as little as possible. In our opinion, if you want to start with a small step towards improving your living environment, you can start by buying a houseplant.

Healthier life

Ideally, we would like to say goodbye to bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle as much as possible and build up and maintain a healthy lifestyle and environment.

Although on social media it can seem as if you can make such a switch in an instant, the reality is somewhat different. Research shows that it is better to stop a bad habit at once, while it is better to build a new habit in moderation. However, you can improve your living environment and lifestyle with a simple small change: with a houseplant!

We explain how this works here:

Stress reduction
Most people already know that plants have a pleasant appearance. But did you know that this aura also has a positive influence on stress reduction? Research has even shown that people in a room full of plants have a lower blood pressure compared to people in a plant-free environment. Plants create a sense of unity with nature. With a beautiful houseplant, you can bring nature indoors, which will make you feel completely relaxed and improve your mood.

Clean air
Plants increase humidity and remove dust particles from the air. They also break down harmful substances. For instance, they reduce carbon dioxide and toxic substances found in cigarette smoke. They also provide more oxygen in the house because, among other things, they convert the CO2 they absorb into oxygen that they breathe out again. Because of all these factors, they can even reduce the chance of catching a cold and a stuffy nose by up to 25-30%!
NASA even conducted a study on this and came to the conclusion that species such as Epipremnum, among others, can be used as air-purifying plants.

By taking care of your plants, you have a relaxing task to perform. You may even experience this as therapeutic. Carefully cleaning leaves, watering or repotting your plant clears your head. You make contact with nature. The care gives you satisfaction and this in turn has a positive influence on other areas of your life. Especially when your plant continues to reward you with growing and blooming, it is a very rewarding task that can cheer you up enormously. Who would not be pleased, for example, to see a special Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor or Monstera adansonii Variegated Albo "Half Moon" in their environment in all their splendour?

Improved effectiveness
There are studies by various universities that show that having plants in the immediate vicinity improves your memory, focus and productivity. People work more accurately and make fewer mistakes in the vicinity of plants. This is because looking at nature has a restorative effect. So by placing a beautiful houseplant in your immediate environment, you actually ensure that you work better at whatever you want to do. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to have a beautiful view all day long of, say, one of those huge Monstera Thai Constellation?

Calmer surroundings and positive energy

As if we had not already mentioned enough of the benefits that plants can bring about, it is also the case that plants can dampen environmental noise! This improves the acoustics in the environment, which in turn creates a pleasant atmosphere. And according to certain philosophical thoughts, plants also attract positive energy. So, according to these beliefs, you can create a real magnet of positive energy with plants.

And did you know that it has even been shown that patients in hospital with a plant in their room recover faster than patients who do not have a plant in their room? Do we need to say more?

For us it is clear. Good resolutions for the coming year start with buying a new houseplant at Plantique!

We at Plantique wish everyone a happy new year!

Please note: most tropical plants are not edible, because they are poisonous. So they are not meant for consumption.