Eetbare planten en tropische BBQ’s?

Edible plants and BBQs?

If you are a plant mum or dad, you need to be very careful. There are, in fact, many little care tips that are not often talked about but that are an important detail. In this text, we will discuss this in more detail with the theme 'almost summer'. Of course, this is not only a text for the novice plant lover, but also a little reminder for the experienced plant mothers and fathers. Especially with sensitive plants, there is a lot to think about when it comes to the right care. 

The sun is shining a lot brighter now that we are heading towards summer and that does not only prompt many people to start cleaning, but also to make tasty salads. Many plants are suitable for this. However, this does not apply to most tropical houseplants. It is therefore not a good idea to use these plants in the kitchen for dishes, because they are often poisonous. But tropical plants are more for beautiful decoration and relaxation. So don't put them in your tasty salad, because that can be dangerous! No matter how beautiful and juicy those new leaves look.

Plants in the kitchen
Are you not a hero in the kitchen, by the way? Then it's best to put your plants in another room. The greasy and burnt air in a kitchen is extremely bad for the health of your green friends. If the plants are placed near or above the cooker, not only can the vapours from the pans quickly become too hot, but harmful substances can also rise. This, of course, is not good for the state of your urban jungle. This hot temperature is also the reason why it is better not to place plants on or near a radiator. So it is advisable to give them another place, and also to use the extractor fan properly. Because these substances are not only harmful to your plants, but also to you.

Healthy with plants
So how can you be healthy with plants? Think of plant yoga, for example, or just get busy taking care of and repotting your plants. This is very good for mindfulness. According to many studies, it has a positive and stress-relieving effect to be busy with plants. During the summer months, Philodendrons and Monsteras, for example, grow particularly fast. Many of these species are climbers that you can tie up. This is something you will have to do a lot with the Monstera Esqueleto, for example. It is a hard grower, which likes to cling to all kinds of textures. Of course you can play with this by letting the plant grow on a climbing frame in the room.

Tropical BBQ
With higher temperatures the windows are often opened and that is a good thing. It is important to ventilate your house well, so that the air quality remains high. Pay attention to what your neighbours are doing. Because even though you may be a kitchen prince or princess, the air from a neighbour's BBQ can be very harmful to your plants. This is especially important if you have sensitive plants such as certain Alocasia and variegated plants.

Incidentally, it is sometimes said that the ashes of a barbecue work well as food for your plants. We have not yet tried this, but only do so if there is no food residue or bits of burnt fat in it. Also, use only a very small amount and only in spring. The ash has a pH-increasing effect. So be careful how much you use on your plants. Besides, it does not work as a substitute for the normal fertilisers you use for your tropical friends.

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