Philodendron Strawberry Shake, Pink Princess Marble & domesticum variegata

Philodendron Strawberry Shake, Pink Princess Marble & domesticum variegata

More and more plants are popping up that we haven't seen before. It's great that we can finally add unique plants to our collection that your friends don't have yet. Such a tropical jungle in your home is soothing and belongs to you. The passion to own the rarest pearls is something we share with you. So if you are looking for a unique houseplant, you have come to the right place. 

2022 started, of course, with the rare Philodendron billietiae variegata, which became more and more affordable. But now there are also several other Philodendrons, Monsteras and variegata plants that you would like to have!

Philodendron Pink Princess "Marble"

The Pink Princess is already in many a living room to admire, but a new variety has been added: the Pink Princess Marble. This version has less chlorophyll in some places, which gives the plant pink spots. This plant has beautiful marbled leaves, with speckled variegation in all the leaves. The Philodendron Pink Princess Marble is more sought after because it has a more beautiful colour pattern than the regular Philodendron Pink Princess. The pink splashes on the leaves are more comparable to the pattern of a Monstera Thai Constellation.

Philodendron domesticum variegated

This Philodendron has a very unusual leaf shape combined with a variegated pattern. There are yellow, white and green shades of variegata in the leaves. Philodendron domesticum variegata is not offered anywhere yet. But of course, this special and beautiful plant should not be missing in the collection of the avid plant collector! Moreover, this plant is fairly easy to look after. It does not like a room with a too low temperature, but from 18 degrees Celsius it is already satisfied.

Philodendron Strawberry Shake

This shaky one has completely shaken us with ecstasy! We think this plant is so beautiful and fun, that we wanted to offer it to you in the webshop. This special plant is not available at a regular plant shop and it also has very nice colours. The dark red stem in combination with the milk pink colours that are "spilled" over the leaves like a strawberry milk shake, make it a fantastic addition to a tropical plant collection.

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