Interieur- en plantentrends voor 2023

Interior and Plants Trends for 2023

One of the new trends for 2023 that we see passing by is the indoor garden. The Urban Jungles cannot be big enough it seems. And these are not limited to just the living room. The bedrooms are also transformed into true indoor jungles. This can hardly go wrong with the calming and soothing effects plants bring. To create a safe home port that brings peace, you can go a long way with plants.

More green in the home

Our homes are becoming increasingly greener, and not just because of plants. We also see reuse of old furniture and materials reflected in the trends for 2023. What is broken is lovingly repaired or reused and waste is reduced. Nostalgia, a sense of warmth and the familiar are thus evoked. Some plants that can contribute to this feeling include a beautiful Anthurium or one of the beautiful orchids from our range.

Trendy orchids

In addition to house plants, the orchid is spotted a lot in the trends for 2023. How could that be otherwise with the many varieties of beautiful flowers in the most diverse shapes and colors. Did you know that you can order orchids from us that you can pick up next year at the Tamiami International Orchid Festival in America? You can read more about it here:

Popular Variegata Plants

Furthermore, in the plant trends for next year, we once again see the variegata plant returning. The fantastically beautiful leaves are a feast for the eyes. Variegata plants therefore remain popular. There is plenty of choice when choosing variegata plants. They come in many shapes, sizes and colours. How about a beautiful Monstera With Varegata. With this you also immediately respond to another living trend for 2023: Bohemian.

Are you also considering purchasing a beautiful Variegata plant? For example, take a look at the Monstera deliciosa aurea variegata, the Monstera minima Variegated Albo, the Philodendron billietiae Variegata, the Ficus Moonshine Variegata "Shivereana" or one of our other beautiful Varegata plants that we offer at Plantique.