Hoe verzorg ik een Cattleya orchidee?

How do I take care of a Cattleya Orchid?

Cattleyas often have very beautiful and striking flowers. In the climate in Europe, Cattleyas are mainly kept as a houseplant. They originally come from the rainforest of Costa Rica and South America. Many species also have scented flowers. This makes the Cattleya A strongly wanted orchid For the orchid collector.
A Cattleya is often a relative Easy Orchid To keep and to get into bloom. Read on to get the best care advice for the Cattleya.

Can a Cattleya be in a living room to bloom?

Many Cattleya species can be in a living room. They have to get a lot of indirect, diffuse sunlight during the day and they like to be in temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius during the day. At night the temperature can go to 16 degrees Celsius. Due to the temperature change, the Cattleya is stimulated to grow and bloom.

Be sure to pay attention in the winter and with air conditioning that the humidity in the house remains up to the Cattleya. They find a humidity between 50% and 80% pleasant. To raise humidity locally, the Cattleya can be placed on a container with wet hydro pellets or a humidifier can be used.

Cattleya Warscewiczii

How do I water the Cattleya in the right way?

The Cattleya needs clean water. Unfortunately, tap water is not sufficient here, because it contains too much lime and/or chlorine. The Cattleya can suffer considerable damage from this. In addition, do not give the Cattleya too much water. They don't like wet feet. Make sure that the substrate is almost dry to the bottom between each pouring.

The Cattleya prefers to have water in the morning. This prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria in the evening and night. In the summer, the Cattleya likes to have every week at the watering Extra Orchid Food. But then rinse the potting soil well once a month, so that no minerals and salts accumulate in the medium.

Cattleya Dormaniana

Where can I get a Cattleya with beautiful, striking and large flowers?

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