Black friday en planten voor de feestmaanden!

Black Friday and plants for the holidays!

This period is all about cosiness. As the days get darker, we dress our interiors more and more cosily, and togetherness is a feeling that suits these festive months. From Thanksgiving and Black Friday, to Christmas and New Year. Lights and beautiful, festive accessories are something we have been dressing up our homes with for years. But why not with beautiful plants that we can leave all year round? In this blog, you can read what extremely rare plants are currently popular and which ones have been (temporarily) reduced in price. Read on if you are interested in these timeless festive decorations for the home!

Philodendron billietiae
This lovely plant has oblong, light green leaves and an orange stem. What makes the billietiae a special appearance is the beautiful leaves. This plant is a real eye-catcher in the house. The arrow-shaped leaves are a feast for the eyes. You can use, for example, sticks to guide this plant in its growth. This plant is in somewhat larger numbers in our greenhouse than before, which allows us to offer this beautiful specimen for less money.

This plant likes a lighter position with filtered sunlight. The growth of the plant is a lot slower when the plant is placed further from the window. So a south-facing window is the best option if you want beautiful, large and elongated leaves from this unique Philodendron.

Philodendron mamei
Watch out! This beauty is almost sold out. Therefore we offer this plant for very sharp prices. 

Philodendron mamei is known for its gigantic heart-shaped leaves with silver-green spots around the main vein of the leaves. This plant can get extremely large leaves. The wavy edge of the leaves and the deep veins also give the leaf a beautiful structure. Unfortunately, we only have a few left, so this beauty will soon be gone from our range. So this may be your last chance to buy one!

Philodendron burle marx variegata
This special plant has a cream-coloured variegation in its leaves and can get a nice volume with its leaves due to its growth habit. This beautiful plant grows quickly, which is why we were able to offer it for much less than before. However, we are currently running out of stock. Can you get your hands on one before they disappear from the assortment?

Philodendron White Princess
The Philodendron White Princess is a special plant, with a splash of pink sometimes growing in the stem or even the leaf. The sister plant of the Pink Princess has a beautiful white pattern in the leaf and grows compactly, which makes it suitable for a small interior. We still have a few specimens, which is why we are offering a sale price. 

Philodendron White Princess can be recognised by its striped stems with colours such as light green, white and pink. It will steal the show in any room!

Philodendron White Wizard
The Philodendron White Wizard is one that is very similar to the White Princess. This fairy-like plant has green stems with white variegation and the leaves often have larger white spots than those of the Philodendron White Princess or the Philodendron White Knight. Under the right conditions, the White Wizard can grow a lot larger.

The Philodendron White Wizard has also been reduced in price at the moment. This plant works magic with its beautiful white spots. No two leaves are the same!

Anthurium villenaorum
The Anthurium villenaorum is a special houseplant because of its light, elongated leaves with deep grooves. This plant remains compact, which makes it also very suitable for a small room. The villenaorum is priced extra keenly because the plant will soon be definitively withdrawn from the assortment. 

A shame to let this plant with its elongated, heart-shaped leaves go to waste, isn't it? It looks beautiful in any kind of interior.