Anthuriums belong to the Araceae family (Aronskelk family) and consists of around 600 species. This plant occurs naturally in Central America, the north of South America and the Caribbean. Although Anthuriums come from warm climates, they grow and bloom easy In the living room. Partly because of this they are a wonderful addition to the plant collection of every plant lover. And with so many species there are plenty of gems to choose from. In our collection you can, among other things, find the Anthurium forgetii, Anthurium Villenaorum, Anthurium Regale, Anthurium Crystallinum '' Silver Queen '', Anthurium Crystallinum '' Silver Blush '', Anthurium Regale .

Light requirement

The native tropical Anthurium is naturally used to a lot of light. The ideal location for this plant is therefore one where it receives many clear, but indirectly light. This plant can damage when it is exposed to direct sunlight.


With its tropical roots, the Anthurium is used to warm temperatures. With a temperature from 18 ° C to 22 ° C, a Anthurium will be the most comfortable. The minimum temperature that this plant can tolerate is 16 degrees. (An exception to this is the Anthurium Regale. This plant can tolerate temperatures from 13°C to 27°C )


The Anthurium thrives best in a well drained substrate, which allows enough air and water to go through. The substrate must be kept moist, but not wet. When the substrate gets too wet, root rot can occur. The top layer of the substrate may dry out before you give new water. During the growing period, the water requirement is greater than during the rest period. In this growing period you can occasionally give diluted fertilizer to the plant. This is not necessary during the rest period. Besides, Anthuriums grow slow to moderate.


These native tropical plant prefers a high humidity. During the dry winter months you can help the plant with this by spraying it. You can also consider placing an humidifier near an Anthurium to increase or maintain humidity. Because of this preference, an anthurium is also an ideal plant to be placed in the bathroom, provided she can receive enough light there.