Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an automatic message with the order confirmation. Your order will then be prepared within our working hours. The processing time of an order is on average 1 week. When your order is ready for shipment, you will receive a tracking link.

If your order is not delivered within 10 days after you have received the tracking link, it is best to contact customer service. You can do this on this page.

There is also a possibility that the package has been issued to your neighbors or that the address is not correct. Therefore always check this first before contacting us.

We have years of experience in sending separate and sensitive plants through the parcel service. So we always look at which packaging is best for your specific situation, the type of plant and the weather conditions.

Packaging materials that we may use include sturdy boxes, cramming paper, bubble wrap, wool, sticks, air cushions, styrofoam, etc. This therefore depends on per situation. Our packers choose the right material per address, weather forecast and type of plants.

We normally do not accept return shipments. Our products are excluded from the right of withdrawal due to the nature of the product. Plants fall under perishable goods. Plants are therefore sensitive to transport and its living things. If the plant hangs a bit on arrival or looks a bit worse, it is best to first acclimatize the plant. If it is serious or the plant does not seem to be recovering, you can contact us via this page.

NB! Store the packaging materials during the entire complaints procedure. In an exception you can return the plant, or we need this to properly handle the complaint.

This is of course very annoying. Make sure you do not throw the plant away and keep the packaging materials during the complaints procedure. Take as many photos of the box, the packaging, the entire state of the plant in daylight. Send us an email with a clear description of the situation and the problem, the order number and the photos within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we cannot handle a complaint or problem without photos, because this is part of our procedure. Complaints and other issues are not treated by telephone, because we need images and the supervisor determines the final assessment of the situation. The supervisor only does this at fixed times a week. You can contact us for issues for issues this page.

NB! Store the packaging materials during the entire complaints procedure. In an exception you can return the plant, or we need this to properly handle the complaint.

We occasionally send orders to the USA, but only if they meet a few conditions. For more information, it is best to contact our customer service on this page.


Every plant needs a specific type of care. Some plants are a bit more difficult to maintain than others. We assume that you yourself know what you are buying and did enough research into the care of the plants you order. On our website you can find a concise explanation about the care. So no information is sent to your plants, because we generally do not sell beginner plants. Green fingers and experience with taking care of tropical plants is therefore recommended.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Place an order

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose or reserve plants themselves. Each product has an archive photo and specifications of the plant. The specifications of a product are leading for what you can expect when you place the order. It is therefore possible that the plant that is depicted on the page is larger than the plant you receive. The photos are intended as an example of what the plant can look like, with the right care.

When you order a plant, it will always meet the specifications on the page. An example of this is the pot size. Any plus and minus points of the plant are also an indication for what you can expect. The photos on the webshop are just an indication of what the plant can look like with the right care. The description is therefore always leading.

We work with living plants and a very large assortment. It can therefore happen that a plant is qualitatively not suitable enough to send. This means that our webshop can change stocks and deviate from reality. We keep track of the stock as well as possible, but unfortunately we can no longer prevent a plant from being sold unexpectedly, while it is no longer available. We always offer a proportional fee for this and repayment of the plant is of course also possible in this case.

Plants are seasonal and weather sensitive. The length of flowering depends on many factors and is not always easy to predict. This can cause a plant that you ordered during the processing time. You will always hear this from us and you can then opt for a replacement plant, for example.

After placing an order, it is no longer possible to add a plant to your order. So make sure that you have everything you need and your order checks well before you complete your order.

No, in principle it is not possible to get a so -called bulk discount. This is in just a few cases. For example, when we have a large number of plants available for a wholesaler order. For this you can contact us this page.

We have special wholesale prices for companies that act in plants. For this we need your company data and VAT number. Send an e-mail with this information this page.

Customer service

Our average response time is approximately 4 working days after receiving your e-mail. We want to alert you that we are not a large company and our complete staff (from the greenhouse, processing hall and customer service) consists of only a handful of people. We do our utmost to answer your question as quickly as possible. In some exceptional situations it is possible that there is an additional delay in answer. However, we will answer every e -mail in chronological order (moment of entry).

Because we cannot always be available by phone and needs visual material or completed forms for almost all of our customer questions, we have decided not to offer telephone customer service anymore. This means that in principle we are not available by telephone. However, it may happen that we call you by telephone to discuss a question, complaint or comment. You can reach us by e-mail this page.