Vanda plants

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      A unique appearance

      Vanda orchids, also known as air plants, are a standout in the world of houseplants. These orchids do not require traditional soil to grow. Instead, they attach themselves to trees in their natural habitat, which explains their characteristic air plant status.

      Vibrant floral splendor

      One of the most striking features of Vanda orchids are their vibrant and often large flowers. They are available in different colors, such as blue, purple, yellow, and pink. These colorful flowers add an instant touch of exotic beauty to any space and can bloom for months.

      Intensive care

      Although Vanda orchids may look exotic, with proper care they can thrive in the home. They need plenty of bright, indirect light, preferably directly in front of an east or west-facing window. These orchids are thirsty and need to be watered regularly, usually once a week. It is important to spray them to maintain humidity.

      A demanding orchid

      Vanda orchids are known for their demanding nature and may not be the best choice for novice plant enthusiasts. But for those willing to invest the time and effort, they reward with their spectacular blooms and unique growing habits.

      Whether you are already an experienced orchid caretaker or are looking for a challenging new plant to grow, Vanda orchids are definitely worth considering. With the right care, they can grow into impressive showpieces in your plant collection.