Exclusieve planten

Exclusive plants

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      The most rare and exclusive plants can be found here on this website. Your demand for special and luxurious house plants will be answered on Plantique. From the most special variegata to the most sought after rarities of today.

      Take a look at this special assortment of new or rare plants. We have beautiful inside plants for real enthusiasts. Because for special and unique plants you have come to the right place. This stock is regularly supplemented with new rare species of exclusive house plants. So there is frequent an update!

      These plants are for the best interior and are almost nowhere for sale! In a diameter garden center you will not be able to find these pearls.

      If you want to impress your home today, then that doesn't happen with high-end designer furniture, but certainly through the splendor to green that is in a room. The exclusive the plant, the greater will be the impression.

      To decorate a room with an exclusive plant requires some attention. Please note which space you want to beautify or which place you have in mind for the plant. Not all plants are suitable to be in a light place or, for example, in the shade. The necessary care also differs per plant. For example, to properly care for a tropical plant, it is often necessary to simulate the natural climate as much as possible. It is therefore advisable to delve into this before purchasing an exclusive plant.