Voorjaar in je plantenbol!

Spring in your plant sphere!

Having a plant is of course great fun. But you can do many more things than just look after your plant. It is also possible to do crafts and decorate your interior. Moreover, according to research, being busy with your plants is also stress relieving. And after a long and difficult period because of the pandemic, it is important to regain our mental health. You can do this by keeping yourself busy with the "Feng Shui" in your interior. 

Feng Shui is the arrangement of objects in your home, which give a certain atmosphere to your interior. You can influence your happiness and feelings by placing objects in a room in a certain way. This also applies to plants.
Did you know that this Chinese philosophy is over 3500 years old?

Strings in the air
Macramé is a fun way to give your plants a different place in the interior. For this you need a piece of thick rope of some length and an instruction video on Youtube. So there is no need to buy all kinds of expensive books for this! Hoyas and plants that like to hang in the air can be given a very nice look with macrame. This way you can play with levels in your interior. But if you have the patience for it, we also have some nice macrame plant hangers for you to choose from in our physical shop. These are not (yet) on the webshop.

Most of the time, plants are sold in just boring pots. It is always a little different than you would like. The price of an ornamental pot is often very high, which is why we often leave it at that, even though you like it better than the black or terracotta one you have.

But a dull terracotta pot is very easy to paint. Stamping a nice golden rim or white arches on it is not at all difficult, expensive or time-consuming. Leave that €50 decorative pot, because this year we are making everything ourselves. Isn't that nice? And good for the wallet too!

Decorative pots are also available in our physical shop. So if you don't like to do crafts or you are looking for something special, you can always choose a ready-made one at our location.

Looking into the crystal ball
Of course it is nice when you have made a pendant for your plant. But what do you do with all those cute Syngoniums you still have on your windowsill?
Often, those terrariums are very nice, but you don't have a place for them because you already have so many small, cute plants.

Did you know that you can easily put several plants with similar needs together? Of course, you should not put a cactus next to a Philodendron, because they do not fit together. But several Syngoniums do. And if they are easy to prune and keep small, you can look at your stock of old glass vegetable pots. They are very easy to re-use as a terrarium for your beloved plants. So hold off on taking the glass to the bottle bank!