Potgrond voor lage prijs! OP=OP

Potting soil at low price! While stock lasts!

Now that the plants are starting to grow again, they require a different kind of care than during the cold months. The soil may have deteriorated somewhat and plants do need some nutrition to grow optimally. Therefore, we now have a sale on bags of potting soil in our physical shop. 
There are bags for both outdoor and indoor plants.

Bags of 10L
The 10 litre bags are offered for sale at €3 each. This price is applied as long as stock lasts.

Products available:

  • Orchid soil
  • Cactus- and succulent soil

Bags of 40L
Bags of 40 litres are offered for sale at €5 each. This price is also valid as long as stock lasts. 

Products available:

  • Potting soil with slow-release fertiliser
  • Coconut potting soil
  • Ornamental garden fertilizer

Out of stock is out of stock.

These bags are not for sale in our webshop.

Our shop is open from 09:30 to 12:30 on Fridays