Is bladglans slecht voor planten?

Is leaf shine bad for plants?

Leaf shine is a product to make the leaves of your green beauties shiny. Often a kind of spray hairspray is used for this. The main ingredient of leaf gloss is oil. This product is suitable for most leafy plants in the house, but somewhat less so for leaves with a soft texture or hairy leaves. The leaf gloss is held at a minimum distance of 30 cm from the leaves for the right effect.

What is leaf shine for?

Leaf gloss is meant to protect the leaves. It gives a nice appearance to the leaves, because the colours in the leaf appear more beautiful. Moreover, you will notice that there are no water spots or lime stains on the leaves. In addition, leaf luster prevents a layer of dust from forming on the leaves. Prior cleaning of the leaves is not necessary.

Can the use of leaf gloss do any harm?

Basically, leaf gloss does no harm to a plant. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the product. Just be sure not to inhale too much when spraying.

If you use leaf gloss excessively, it can damage the leaves. But basically this also applies to watering, too much light and feeding.

Leaf shine against pests

Did you know that leaf shine is also an effective aid in combating pests on your houseplants? Because of the thin layer of oil the pests cannot easily stick to the leaves. So when you subsequently water your plants, they slip off the leaves with ease.

Alternative for leaf shine

Are you not a fan of leaf gloss and would you rather clean the leaves yourself? Then you can always use a damp cloth to wipe the leaves of your plant. That way it is more work, but the lime stains and dust particles also disappear.