Interieurstyling met planten

Interior styling with plants

Plants are very nice to have, but sometimes people can find it difficult to give them a good place in their busy life. Most plants like to have a fixed place and not have to be moved around too much. Moving a plant around often causes unnecessary stress. Fortunately, when placing a plant in your interior, you can prepare yourself in advance by making a plan and keeping in mind the tips we have for you here.

Whereas the interiors of a few years ago were dominated by black and white tones and everything had to be tough, natural elements are now also present again. Today's interior styling is a lot more flexible and not everyone follows the 'normal' trends. Nevertheless, we can give a general advice. Plants often provide colour. And playing with colour creates a more dynamic, homely environment. Parts of the room that feel cold or too austere in terms of colour can be broken up nicely with plants. They also bring calmness to a busier environment. Lighter plants also enhance the darker plants in your collection. By putting them together, you make your interior more exciting and lively.

Many articles on garden plants discuss the playfulness of layering in the garden. By playing with heights and with sizes and shapes of plants, you can create a more spacious effect. The same, of course, applies to your gems in the home. Rare tropical plants can create the same effect as plants and elements in your garden. For example, combine hanging plants with wide, upright plants and use raised areas in your room. By putting small plants near your beautiful, big eye-catchers, you can make them look even bigger. In this way, you can make your own "indoor jungle" look bigger and fuller.

Plants do not have to be neatly spread around the room on each shelf or cabinet. You can also put them together in groups. We also recommend this when the plants are healthy. The great advantage of this is also that they provide for higher air humidity in their immediate vicinity. The plants thus benefit from each other! And in addition, plants in groups are also easier to care for, because you can water them more easily, for example. Groups of plants of different types provide dynamism and playfulness.

People often limit the keeping of plants to one room. However, this is not necessary and there are also many more rooms that can benefit from plants in terms of styling. A corridor with only coats hanging down and a few shoes quickly looks dull. With a plant, you can dress up this room nicely. This also applies to other rooms with other functions. Bedrooms and bathrooms can also be used as places to put your plant. A plant in your bedroom has great health benefits, because it is good for the air humidity and a house plant also purifies the air!

By keeping plants in normally hollow-sounding rooms, you improve the acoustics. Not only curtains, wood and fabric furniture improve the acoustics, but plants also contribute to this. The reverberation of a house can be annoying when you want to play your favourite music or have friends over. The clattering is quickly regarded as disturbing. The reverberation is removed when you place plants, because they absorb the sound better and do not bounce back as much. So plants are a good addition to rooms with a lot of reverberation, such as a bathroom or hallway.

With these tips for styling your interior, we hope we have helped you a little. We hope you enjoy making your interior more playful with special and rare plants and that we have been able to inspire you. Check out our web shop for different sizes, colours and shapes of plants.