Griezelige "Halloween" planten

Spooky "Halloween" plants

Halloween is just around the corner, so we list 3 "spooky plants" for you! 
People are going all out when it comes to Halloween. The craziest, scariest and most unusual decorations can be found in the neighbourhood these days. Think of the neighbour's garden decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, tombstones and skeletons. This, of course, makes us all long for Halloween!
In this blog post, we want to showcase our cutest 'Halloween decorations', and what better way to do that than with plants!

Did you know? People commemorate the dead on Halloween, as it means "the night before All Saints". It has also been around for about 6000 years!

Philodendron “Florida Ghost” 
A very 'witty' plant, because new leaves are bright white while older leaves become increasingly darker. "Florida Ghost" owes its name to the white colour and the shape of its leaves. Have you noticed that the leaves are shaped like a 'ghost'?

Monstera epipremnoides “Esqueleto"
This plant is eerily special in both name and appearance. The plant has huge holes in its leaf, which makes the leaf a real skeleton. Not to mention the size of this plant, because the leaves can become enormous.  

Philodendron White Knight 
The mix of dark and light shades makes this plant a mysterious appearance. The beautiful variation makes the plant even more mysterious, because each leaf is a true surprise!